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i believe love will find a way...
I just arrived in canada with eyes all blotchy from crying too much. It is such a sad fuck that I can no longer be with the people I love. This is how it feels... When every memory suddenly surges back and hits you just-like-THAT; right in your face. I guess this is one of those times when you regret doing so many things to so many people and that you keep wishing upon that star that you magically appear back in time to alter any mistakes you've done before you left.

I miss enrico. I have to admit that I cry everytime I hear sweet music. Every memory suddenly hurts... But I have to be strong... I know we'd be facing so many hardships in life, but i know (with a little thing called faith), that we will be okay... That he will still love me no matter what... I can't loose hope... But not even a fool can avoid to think of things that are plausible to happen within months of not seeing each other.
I just have to keep trusting my heart. I have to. I want to. I love him way too much.

I miss my friends. I know i'd meet new ones here, but then I value my friends back home way even more. I am who I am right now because of them. I love you guys. I know we'd meet again someday... I hope you guys wont change (stay evil, dirty, and green minded!) hahaha! I miss you meggie.. sayang we couldnt meet right before i left... You take care tol.. Ingatan mo puso mo... To eetin, hahaha! :] thanks for going to my place the day before I left. You've physically changed... but you're still that small girl I love to talk to about almost anything. :] *sigh* I'm crying again.

Home... There's nothing like the Philippines. The busy streets. The only highway in the world that has traffic. The intense heat. The late closing of malls (*sobs to the ultimo* malls here close at aroung 6! wtf!). The ukay-ukay. And so much more. I love you Philippines. Even though I deteste you at first. You're not that bad afterall. *kisses pollution*

I love you enrico. I love you my bestfriends. I love you Philippines.

See you when I'm more canadian. fuck.

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i misss you. email me sometime will ya:

aryt... or we could just talk in either msn or ym... how yah been tol? miss you badly! *hugs*

nothing wudv stopped me from seeing you before you left.

dude. you can always talk to me about anything.

:) thanks eetin! hehehe! <3

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