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(no subject)
its been months since i last posted =)
hahahah!...ive never been in the mood to post since it brought so much memory of back home.. hahaha.. o well.. life goes on...

i cant be bothered writting stuff about life here... its just going to take forever since i wasn't updating anymore... in general: everything is A-okay =).

a part of me wants to go back home...
but another part doesnt...
sure, yeah i do miss being around him... being around my friends... my relatives... but.. life seems more easier here... (but in terms of house cleaning, FUCK! it reeeaaallly makes me wanna go back home =P).

hehehe... life is really much more different here.
its waaay too expensive... but then, it's worth it.

i'll start updating new posts from now on =P



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