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canada...ooh canada...
That felt like the most horrific and freakin-a longest plane ride I have ever taken in my life... I couldn't even get enough sleep bcoz of damn kristine always leaning on my shoulder and sleeping sound as hell... Good thing THAT was over (even though it took 10 hours to get to this country).

The moment I walked out of the airport, every single hair attached to my body stood up! As-in-UP! (even 'the' hairs who are not suppose to even be It was hella freezing... And they freakin call it summer. Imagine winter. . . . oooooh NO!

My parents thought that it was better to rent a house rather than to buy at first coz we would still have the privilege to move places... The house isn't at all bad.. apart from the fact that I share a space with my sister, this place is pretty much okay.

BTW... jumping to the present... I think our neighbours consider our house as the most noisiest and smokiest house in the whole neighbourhood.. This is because everytime we try to fry food, the damn smoke detector sets off... Whats funny about it is that everytime it makes noise, my dad has to start fanning the thing (making his shirt slowly lift up, thus revealing a very huge belly).

The positive sides of living here is that I finally learnt how to cook. I mean, I do know how (w/ a little... more like a LOT... of help from our maid) back at home... Its kinda fun.. lol.. and i've got burnt marks to prove it. All 16 of those small chicken-pox-look-alike dots on my arm. And my brother was very supportive during those harsh moments... All he did was sit there, dictate what the hell to do, then sit there, and burst out laughing.

And there's the hunk-next-door. HAHAHA! We (my mom, my sister, and I) call him david due to the fact that he, somewhat, resembles David Hasselhof -- how do you spell his last name??.. Like, everytime we see him outside we'd shreek like little girls and start calling out to him (faintly) whilst battering our eyelashes, " daaaavid... ohh daaaavid"... Hilarious!

I keep contact with enrico via phone, ym, and txt... sheesh! its like we're already together 24/7 coz we talk 24/7 regardless of the time and day differences... I miss him sooo super mucho though.. love lots even more.

I miss my friends too :'(
Like, i don't have a friend here...all except david... who doesn't even know i exsist and i know hates us coz we make so much noise and we're just a wall apart.

Sometimes i even talk to myself during the day just to kill boredom. 0_0.

Juuuuust joking! :)
Atleast they have B.E.T here... NO T.F.C though.. I wish they installed it coz i miss watching wowowee and dancing to all the songs they sing... lol
I am so loosing my mind.

Don't be so shocked finding out one day that i suddenly jumped off our window out of sheer boredom... and maybe even the curiosity of what birds feel when they fly. Hey, someone has got to know whats behind that philosophy. lol.

Anyways, ima update more if something interesting came up. Or if I'm just doing nothing at all.

P.S. I am so addicted to cooking that i think I'm hearing someone cooking downstairs.... could it be?.... daaaaaaaaavid!


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